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ACAO November Town Hall
Creating the Faculty of the Future
November 16, 2021 12pm – 1pm ET


Michael A. Gealt
Executive Vice President and Provost at CMU Central Michigan University (retired).
Member ACAO Advisory Council

Christine Hammond
President, Mid Michigan College (retired)
Member ACAO Advisory Council

Connie Johnson
Chief Academic Officer & Provost, Colorado Technical University
Member ACAO Board of Directors

Session Description:
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the functions of higher education cannot be underestimated, but neither should it be overestimated.  Our challenge in 2021-22 is moving in multiple directions simultaneously as the virus variants surge, vaccines reduce danger, and politics sets much of the tone while we find solutions. We are in a continuous and inconsistent transition state.  It is the job of Academic Affairs to make sure higher education continues the core function of educating students.  Faculty are central to this mission; thus, we must consider how we manage the future cadre of faculty. 

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