Standing Committees

Annual Program Committee

Chair:  Kathy Johnson, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

The purpose of the Annual Program Committee is to coordinate the program held at the annual meeting.  Committee members will identify topics and coordinate speakers and program activities relevant to CAOs and CAOs/presidents/chancellors in the academic and higher education area.


  • Connie Johnson, Colorado Technical University
  • Sherri Lind Hughes, American Council of Education
  • Patricia Rogers, Winona State University
  • Kevin Carman, University of Nevada Reno

ByLaws Committee 

Chair: Beth Ingram

The bylaw committee is charged with reviewing ACAO's bylaws and bringing any changes/recommendations to the ACAO board of directors for consideration.


  • Rick Miranda, Colorado State University
  • Vincent Solis, Laredo Community College

Communications Committee

Chair: Connie Johnson, Colorado Technical University

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to oversee and manage communications between the association and its membership, in consultation with ACAO leadership. Specific tasks include assisting AMC Source in coordinating ACAO web site content and developing member communications that cultivate a distinctive ACAO identity and brand. The Communications Committee will work closely with the Membership Committee in generating communications materials and strategies directed toward building membership.


  • Rick Miranda, Colorado State University
  • Peter Nwosu, Clark Atlanta University

Finance Committee 

Chair: Mary Boyd

The Finance Committee provides guidance to the board to ensure the financial health of the organization, according to sound fiscal policies.  The committee shall periodically review and revise investment policies, finanial and audit documents and fiscal policies of ACAO and make reocmmedations to the board.


  • Laura DeAbruna, York College of Pennsylvania
  • Risa Palm, Georgia State College

Membership Committee

Chair: Parvis Ansari, Westfield State University

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to develop and manage the process by which institutions, individuals, and organizations join and renew their membership in the association. This includes developing strategies and materials to generate interest in joining the ACAO, and working in conjunction with the Communications Committee on these tasks. Membership Committee members will also use professional contacts to encourage membership, will report on the membership, and will make recommendations about dues.


  • Risa Palm, Georgia State University of New York
  • Michele Whelan, Emerson College
  • Greg Ochoa, Potomac State College of West Virginia
  • Charles Cook, Austin Community College

Nominating Committee

Chair: B.J. Reed

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to develop and manage the process by which candidates for the governing board are presented to the membership for election. This includes soliciting the membership for nominations and applications for board positions and developing a slate of candidates. The Nominating Committee is also responsible for overseeing the election process and informing the membership of the results.


  • Todd Diacon, Kent State University